What Fruits Are Highest in Vitamin K?


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The fruit with the highest amount of vitamin K is the kiwi fruit, according to Self.com, with about 70 micrograms of vitamin K per cup of fruit. This is followed by blackberries with 28 micrograms per cup, blueberries with 28 micrograms per cup and plums at 10 micrograms per cup. However, dried prunes can contain as much as 104 micrograms of vitamin K per cup.

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What Fruits Are Highest in Vitamin K?
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Vitamin K is important for helping blood clot in the body. Without it, people would bleed excessively from even a minor cut. It is hard to get a lot of vitamin K from fruit, but the body does produce part of its needed vitamin K requirement with bacteria found in the gut. The daily recommended amount of vitamin K, according to WebMD, is 90 micrograms for women over 19 years of age and 120 micrograms for men over 19 years of age. While the best source of vitamin K is from greens, such as kale and chard, it can be found in a number of fruits. These contain the highest amounts of the vitamin.

  • Kiwi fruit: 70 micrograms per cup
  • Blackberries: 28 micrograms per cup
  • Blueberries: 28 micrograms per cup
  • Grapes: 13 micrograms per cup
  • Pomegranates: 46 micrograms per pomegranate
  • Currents: 12 micrograms per cup
  • Mulberries: 10 micrograms per cup
  • Plums: 10 micrograms per cup
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