What Fruits Are Bad for Diabetics?


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People who have diabetes should avoid canned fruits in syrup, regular jam, sweetened applesauce and chewy fruit rolls, according to WebMD. They should also avoid fruit juice and punch.

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Fresh fruit is a healthy choice for those with diabetes, but it contains carbohydrates, states WebMD. The best choices for those with diabetes include frozen fruit or fruit canned in juice, sugar-free jelly or jam, 100 percent fruit juice, and applesauce with no sugar added.

Other foods that are bad for diabetics who have high blood pressure or who need to limit sodium include pickles and sauerkraut, explains WebMD. Those with diabetes should also avoid canned vegetables with added sodium and vegetables topped with butter, cheese or sauce. White flour, white rice and fries are also bad choices for diabetics. Healthier options include whole-grain flour, whole-grain cereals with little or no sugar, brown rice, corn and baked sweet potatoes. Baked fries, corn tortillas and popcorn are also acceptable diet choices.

The choices diabetics make in their diets are important, claims WebMD. Foods that are considered "bad" can often be used in moderation, but it is always a good idea for those with diabetes to check with a doctor before eating them.

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