What Fruit Should a Diabetic Not Eat?


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Diabetics shouldn't eat canned fruit in heavy syrup or dried fruit products and juices that contain added sugar, according to WebMD. The American Diabetes Association encourages diabetics to include fresh fruit in their diets but points out that fruit contains carbohydrates and should be part of a balanced meal plan.

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What Fruit Should a Diabetic Not Eat?
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According to the American Diabetes Association, fresh, frozen and canned fruit without added sugar contain vitamins, minerals and fiber essential for a healthy diet. Canned fruit in fruit juice or light syrup is a practical option as a dessert or as an occasional alternative to fresh fruit. Dried fruit and 100-percent fruit juices are also suitable for diabetics, but the smaller portion sizes due to higher calorie content make them less filling. WebMD suggests eating low-sugar or sugar-free preserves and jam, and applesauce without added sugar.

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