Which Fruit Contains the Most Calories?

Bananas take the lead of fruits with the highest number of calories. Bananas vary in size, but average 110 to 120 per fruit, which doubles the calorie content of most other fruits. Despite their higher calorie content, bananas pack plenty of nutrition, including several important vitamins and minerals such as potassium, Vitamin A, niacin and riboflavin.

People consume bananas, like other fruits, in many ways. Bananas come in fresh and frozen forms, and come dried, too. Dried bananas, like other dehydrated fruit, contains more calories than fresh fruit. Dried fruit reduces water and generally contains higher amounts of sugar. In the form of fresh fruit, bananas provide plenty of fiber and potassium and contain natural sugar. Their sugar content varies depending on ripening stage; green bananas feature a tougher, chewier texture and a lower sugar content. Ripe bananas, with a bright yellow skin and brown spots, contain more sugar and softer texture. The higher sugar content in ripe bananas yields a sweeter taste but more calories. Although higher in calories, bananas provide significant health benefits. They contain no fat, sodium or cholesterol, making them ideal choices of healthy foods for those with heart conditions and following low-sodium diets. Bananas make popular snacks for many, and even replace baby food as an easily digestible and nutritious source of baby food.