How Do You Freeze Skin Moles at Home?

Liquid nitrogen is used to burn skin moles or skin tags at home, explains WebMD. There may be a small blister where the skin tag was removed, but it should heal on its own.

Moles are skin growths made up of cells that produce color. They can appear any place on the skin either alone or in groups. Moles are generally harmless and painless. They are mostly brown in color but can be blue, black or even flesh-colored. Skin tags are soft pieces of skin that protrude from a thin stem. They often appear on necks, armpits and body folds. Although harmless, their exact cause is unknown, notes WebMD.

Although moles and skin tags do not require treatment, many people want them removed for cosmetic reasons or due to discomfort. In addition to freezing, other home remedies include using nail clippers to cut off the skin tag or various over-the-counter lotions to remove the moles, according to WebMD. Home remedies may cause bleeding, infection and scarring. It is, however, important to let your doctor check the mole before it is removed, so he can perform a biopsy if necessary. A doctor uses a scalpel or surgical scissors to remove the mole or may even make a cut requiring stitches. He could also burn it off by using an electric current passing through a wire. The heat helps to prevent bleeding.