What Are Four Ways to Improve Poor Circulation in Feet and Legs?


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Poorcirculation.org notes that medication can be used to treat poor circulation; however, there are many side effects. Quality Health lists a few effective ways to improve circulation, such as exercise, massage, compression stockings and herbs.

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Exercise is an important factor in stimulating blood flow, explains Quality Health. Go for a short walk. Do some leg extensions while sitting, or simply flex the foot by pointing the toes back and out. Another great way to improve circulation is a massage. A good rub can be beneficial. Kneed the foot and legs, or pick up a massage roller. Compression stocking are also used to treat circulation problems. They can be found at the drug store or at a sporting goods store as they are used by runners. Finally, herbs such as ginkgo, garlic, ginger and cayenne have been found to improve blood flow, suggests poorcirculation.org.

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