Are the Four Paths of Yoga Related to Other Philosophical Traditions?


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The four paths of yoga, Jnana, Bhakti, Karma and Raja, are connected to many other disciplines and philosophies of yoga, according to SwamiJ.com. These paths are natural extensions of the whole that is the practice of yoga, and they relate to all other philosophies connected to yoga.

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Are the Four Paths of Yoga Related to Other Philosophical Traditions?
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One of the philosophical traditions most commonly associated with the four paths of yoga is integration, according to SwamiJ.com. Integration involves a holistic approach to yoga, which aligns well with the original meaning of the four paths. Each path is designed to work in harmony with the other, while the philosophy of integration blends the four paths with other traditions in yoga.

While yoga itself is independent from any organized religion, it is commonly associated with Hinduism, according to the American Yoga Association. Yoga predates Hinduism by several centuries, but the religious tradition drew many practices from the four paths of yoga.

Buddhism also shares close ties to the four paths of yoga, according to the American Institute of Vedic Studies. Buddhism focuses heavily on meditation, much like the Raja path of yoga. The similarities are so profound that Westerners commonly link the two compatible, yet distinct, spiritual paths, even though they evolved separately.

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