How Does Forskolin Work for Weight Loss?


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There is currently no reliable evidence indicating Forskolin is effective for weight loss, Drugs.com states. Forskolin has traditionally been used to treat a multitude of conditions, but clinical trials for many of its uses, including weight loss, are scarce or nonexistent.

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Forskolin is a substance contained in the plant C. barbatus, widespread in certain parts of East Africa and India, and numerous medical traditions have relied on it for various purposes, Drugs.com explains. Its uses include treating digestive conditions such as stomachache and nausea, infections such as syphillis and ringworm, skin conditions and injuries, rheumatism, and stiffness in the neck. In some traditions, it was used as an oral contraceptive or as a way of inducing menstruation.

Taking Forskolin is likely to be safe and cause few side effects for the majority of adults as long as the substance is taken in the form of eye drops, administered intravenously or inhaled, WebMD reports. Forskolin in any form may be unsafe for pregnant and breastfeeding women. The side effects of intravenous Forskolin include lowered blood pressure and skin flushing, those of Forskolin as eye drops include stinging, while the side effects of inhaled Forskolin include coughing, tremor, irritation of the throat and a sensation of restlessness. In some cases, Forskolin could lead to a higher likelihood of bleeding, which makes it inadvisable for individuals with blood disorders and those who are scheduled for a surgical procedure within two weeks or less of taking Forskolin.

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