What Are Some Forms of Natural Menopause Treatment?


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Some forms of natural menopause treatment include cooling hot flashes, staying sexually active, getting enough sleep and reducing stress, according to Mayo Clinic. Doing Kegel exercises, exercising regularly, quitting smoking and following a healthy diet are natural treatments for the temporary signs and symptoms associated with menopause.

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What Are Some Forms of Natural Menopause Treatment?
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Some ways to cool hot flashes include drinking ice water and wearing removable layers, recommends Mayo Clinic. Some common triggers of hot flashes include spicy foods, alcohol, hot weather and hot beverages, so avoiding common triggers can help treat symptoms of menopause. Sexual activity promotes blood flow to the vagina, which may alleviate vaginal discomfort.

Getting a good night's rest helps with managing menopause, notes Mayo Clinic. Avoiding caffeine and alcohol and exercising throughout the day promotes good rest. Relaxation techniques such as deep or paced breathing, massage therapy, muscle relaxation and guided imagery may help with menopause symptoms.

Urinary incontinence symptoms can be improved by performing Kegel exercises on a regular basis, states Mayo Clinic. Besides potentially causing or worsening numerous health conditions, smoking can cause menopause to occur prematurely, and it may also increase hot flashes. Eating a healthy diet that includes whole grains, fruits and vegetables is recommended, and some people may benefit from taking vitamin D or calcium supplements. Avoid saturated fats, sugars and oils whenever possible.

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