Are There Any Forms of Mild Autism?

The mildest forms of autism on the autism spectrum are Asperger’s syndrome and Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Not Otherwise Specified, or PDD-NOS. People with these forms of autism have a milder condition than those with autistic disorder, WebMD says.

Asperger’s syndrome, the mildest form of autism, may cause children to become obsessed with and dedicated to a single topic. They often have poor social skills and may be uncoordinated, but they still have a high level of intelligence. This form of autism mainly affects boys.

PDD-NOS includes most children who doctors diagnose with the condition. This form of autism is not defined well, notes WebMD, and most doctors use the diagnosis when they decide the traits of the other categories do not fit. These children do not interact well socially, have lesser language skills than those with Asperger’s syndrome, and generally develop the condition later than other autistic children.

Overall, children with Asperger’s syndrome have most of their functions. Some children with PDD-NOS may interact better than others, WebMD says, and cases of this condition vary on an individual basis.

Children with severe autism have problems with socialization and language, WebMD says. They may also undergo many repetitive behaviors, have mental retardation and suffer from seizures