What Is the Best Form of Natural Shoulder Bursitis Relief?


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Resting and supporting the shoulder are the best ways to help in treating bursitis. Application of ice to the area will also help to relieve pain and prevent swelling. Avoiding activities that may exact more pressure on the shoulder will help to manage the condition well, as stated by WebMD.

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In most cases, shoulder bursitis will clear up on its own without the need for medical attention. However, if there is need for medical attention, a person should not hesitate to see a doctor. Typically, if the condition does not clear up within a week, a doctor visit is necessary, as stated by WebMD.

Bursitis is a health condition that occurs when a bursa, or small sac, in the joints become inflamed. Bursa helps lubricate the shoulder joint, but if it is inflamed it becomes painful for a person to move the shoulder. This condition is commonly caused by repetitive and extensive motion of a joint.

Common symptoms of bursitis include pain, swelling, aching, stiffness and warmness on the shoulder joint. Once the shoulder is no longer painful, a person can strive to prevent flare-ups and to strengthen the muscles on the shoulder. Over- the-counter medications can also be used to help manage pain.

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