What Is the Forks Over Knives Diet?


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The Forks Over Knives diet is a whole-food, plant-based diet that emphasizes eating unrefined, whole and minimally refined plants. It consists mostly of vegetables, fruits, tubers, legumes and whole grains. The diet recommends excluding or minimizing all types of meat, eggs and dairy products, along with foods such as refined sugars, oils and bleached flours.

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Alona Pulde, MD and Matthew Lederman, MD created the Forks Over Knives diet. It differs from a typical American diet because it centers around plants instead of meats. Forks Over Knives is not about just eating plates full of leafy vegetables, however. In fact, eating leafy vegetables alone would create a severe calorie deficiency. Instead, dieters eat a healthy, satisfying combination of fruit and starch-based foods.

Examples of foods for the diet include carrots, strawberries, potatoes, rice and black beans. Forks Over Knives followers can use these foods to create familiar favorites. Comfort foods such as pizza, lasagna and burgers are all available; however, the ingredients and preparation are different, since Forks Over Knives foods do not contain dairy products or oils. Along with these foods, dieters enjoy practically unlimited amounts of whole fruits.

Eating specific foods for a specific nutrient damages human health, according to the diet's creators. This includes ideas such as consuming dairy to obtain calcium and eating meat for protein. The result is that people can end up eating too much of a food and take in harmful substances along with it. Consuming plant-based, whole foods supplies all the essential nutrients the human body needs, except for vitamin B12.

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