How Do You Force a Period?


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Physicians typically prescribe the hormone progesterone to induce menstruation, states WebMD. However, it cannot be used in all instances, and doctors often look at other factors before prescribing any medication to force a period to begin.

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Women may experience delayed periods due to many factors, ranging from emotional stress to excessive weight loss or weight gain, breastfeeding, and medical disorders involving the reproductive organs such as polycystic ovarian syndrome. Pregnancy can be another common cause for missed periods, and before attempting to force a period it is important to take a pregnancy test to rule it out as a cause, states WebMD.

Medications such as birth control can be used to regulate periods. However, prior to taking any medication, several lifestyle changes are recommended. Underweight women, especially those with eating disorders, should attempt to regain a healthy weight. Overweight women should seek to lose weight in a healthy manner. A full checkup and diagnosis of any underlying health issues can also be an important factor in regulating a woman's menstrual cycle, notes WebMD.

Young women who are concerned about irregular periods or who have not experienced their first period do not typically have cause for concern. The onset of menstruation can begin as late as 15 years of age, and it may take a few years for a girl's menstrual cycle to become regular, suggests WebMD.

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