Does Foot Fungus Cause Pain or Swelling?


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While swelling isn't a normal symptom, foot fungus can cause some burning sensation pains and fluid-filled blisters on the feet, according to WebMD. Very irritated skin on the feet can also crack. In addition to pain, foot fungus causes itching, scaling, redness, peeling and sometimes cracking of the skin.

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There are three main ways foot fungus presents itself, WebMD says. The most common type is interdigital foot fungus, where the fungus first attacks the skin between the toes. This usually starts between the two smallest toes, but it can spread from there down the sole of the foot. This type causes itching, burning and scaling.

The second type is less common and is known as the moccasin type, according to WebMD. This type begins with minor itching, dryness, irritation or scaling. The skin thickens along the sole of the foot and may eventually crack. This type of infection can involve the entire sole of the foot.

The final and least common variation of foot fungus is the vesicular type, says WebMD. This type manifests as a sudden outbreak of fluid-filled blisters under the skin. It is most common on the soles of the feet, but it can also show up between the toes, on top of the foot or on the heel.

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