What Is a "foot Corn Callus"?


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A foot corn or callus is a thickening or hardening of skin in response to excessive pressure or friction. According to MedicineNet, corns typically have a conical or circular shape with a hard center. Calluses have a more diffuse and flattened appearance.

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Calluses tend to develop on the soles of feet and are rarely painful, according to the Mayo Clinic, whereas corns typically are found on non-weight-bearing areas of the feet, like the tops and sides of toes, and can be painful when pressure is applied. In many situations, treatment for corns and calluses is to reduce or eliminate the repetitive actions that caused their development. For persistent or painful corns and calluses, there are medical treatments that can provide relief. Individuals with diabetes or other health conditions that cause poor blood flow should consult a doctor for treatment.

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