What Are the Best Foods for Treating Low Blood Sugar?


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The diet recommended by the Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine emphasizes complex carbohydrates, fiber rich foods and frequent meals. Intake of simple sugars should be restricted, but fruit may be eaten under certain conditions.

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Hypoglycemia is treated with a diet similar to that recommended to diabetics, reports the Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine. This diet avoids foods that cause rapid spikes in blood sugar, as the subsequent insulin spike draws blood sugar into the body's cells and causes hypoglycemia. Complex carbohydrates are recommended, as these foods release sugar into the blood at a steady rate, avoiding rapid fluctuations in blood sugar. High fiber foods are also digested at a slower rate and should be emphasized in a hypoglycemic diet. Foods such as oat bran, whole wheat breads and beans should also be staples of this diet.

Simple carbohydrates must be avoided, as these are rapidly digested and further aggravate hypoglycemic symptoms, advises the Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine. Fruit juices, carbonated beverages, refined flour products and candies are examples of these foods. An exception to this rule is fruit, as fructose doesn't require insulin to enter cells. The frequency of meals matters when treating hypoglycemia. The more often food can be consumed, the fewer fluctuations in blood sugar occur. More than three meals a day should be eaten when managing hypoglycemia.

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