What Foods Tend to Produce Heartburn Symptoms?


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Foods known to trigger heartburn symptoms include tomatoes, oranges, onions and garlic, according to WebMD. Spicy food and meals that are high in fat may also cause heartburn, especially when consumed late at night. Additional heartburn triggers include chocolate, peppermint and red wine.

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What Foods Tend to Produce Heartburn Symptoms?
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Excessive consumption of caffeine-containing beverages, such as coffee, tea, energy drinks and soda, can also cause symptoms of heartburn, explains Healthgrades. In addition to containing caffeine, coffee is an acidic beverage that stimulates stomach acid production, which can exacerbate heartburn symptoms.

Individuals who suffer from heartburn may be able to manage their symptoms by maintaining a healthy body weight, as additional weight can cause pressure on the abdomen, which in turn can cause acid reflux and heartburn, explains Tums. Additional remedies for heartburn include antacid medications that neutralize excess stomach acids, sleeping with the head in a slightly elevated position to prevent stomach acids from reversing back into the esophagus, minimizing pressure on the stomach by wearing loose, comfortable clothing and consuming a healthy diet.

Additional heartburn preventative measures include quitting smoking and eating smaller meals to minimize abdominal pressure, according to Everyday Health. It is also important for heartburn sufferers to avoid lying down for at least three hours following a meal, as this can help to prevent stomach acids from entering the esophagus.

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