What Are the Best Foods to Stop Diarrhea?


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When suffering from diarrhea, the best foods to eat are plain or bland, especially within the first 24 hours. Foods such as baked potatoes, plain oatmeal, crackers, baked chicken without fat or skin, and yogurt are good meal options when suffering from diarrhea.

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What Are the Best Foods to Stop Diarrhea?
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The most important factor in ending a bout of diarrhea is staying hydrated and replacing the lost electrolytes. MedlinePlus recommends that 8 to 10 cups of liquid, preferably water, are consumed daily and 1 cup of liquid should be drank after each loose bowl movement. Caffeine, as well as foods that are greasy, high in fiber or sweet, should be avoided until the diarrhea subsides; this may help to lessen symptoms.

Yogurt should be the primary source of food until symptoms begin to improve because the bacteria in the yogurt helps to speed up the healing process. Once symptoms have improved, soft, plain foods can be added to the diet. This diet is suitable for both children and adults with diarrhea and once all symptoms have subsided, a normal diet can be resumed. According to WebMD, if an infant has a case of diarrhea, then they should be fed either breast milk or full-strength formula. An oral rehydration supplement should also be administered in order to prevent dehydration.

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