What Foods Should a Person Eat If He or She Has a Fatty Liver?


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People with fatty liver are often advised to cut out alcohol, eat plenty of vegetables and fruits, avoid saturated fats and refined sugars, usually found in cakes, chocolates and biscuits, and eat slow-released starchy food like potatoes and whole wheat bread, according to British Liver Trust. It is also advisable for patients with fatty liver to exercise regularly and reduce weight to a healthy level in accordance with their height, age and build.

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For people who are diabetic and have fatty liver, it is important to consult with their physician to keep their blood sugar level under control. Also, cutting out fat should be their first priority. Avoid butter, lard, margarine, mayonnaise, meat drippings, cheese, cream, cooking oils, sausages, fatty meats, chips, nuts, pies and processed foods.

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