What Foods Should People With Type O Blood Eat?


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The blood type diet recommends that individuals with type O blood eat high-protein foods. It encourages them to avoid beans, grains and dairy while focusing on fish, meat, vegetables, fruits and poultry. Additionally, it recommends certain supplements to address stomach issues that type O blood individuals typically face, explains WebMD.

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What Foods Should People With Type O Blood Eat?
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According to the blood type diet, different types of blood groups are prone to certain medical complications, which implies that they need to follow certain nutritional guidelines, as WebMD explains. Individuals with type O blood are in the majority. To follow this diet, they should avoid grains that have gluten and instead consume brown rice and oats, which are accepted alternatives. They are sensitive to gluten, and in some instances, they are allergic to gluten-containing foods. In effect, such individuals should avoid eating baked foods such as bread and pasta.

Lean meat, such as beef, fish, veal, and lamb, is recommended for individuals with type O blood, and vegetables are also beneficial to those with this type of blood. Some of the vegetables that are acceptable as part of the diet include kale, collard greens, broccoli, spinach and romaine lettuce, according to WebMD. Another claim suggests that consuming fruits is beneficial to type O blood individuals because of the balance it offers the acidity of the digestive tract.

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