What Foods Should People Allergic to Maltodextrin Avoid?


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People allergic to maltodextrin should avoid sugar substitutes, certain salad dressings, powdered drinks, certain desserts, canned fruits, instant pudding and gelatins, according to Healthline. Maltodextrin is present in both all-natural and gluten-free food.

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Maltodextrin is found in many sports drinks, according to Healthline. The additive is generally obtained from corn, potato starch, rice or wheat in such a way that it is still considered natural, and it may be marketed as such on food labels.

Food manufactures display maltodextrin on the labels of their products, in compliance with Food and Drug Administration regulation. Although consumers can determine the presence of maltodextrin in food products by reading the product label, it is not possible to discern how much maltodextrin is present in any given product through the label alone. Maltodextrin is also commonly present as a starchy additive in personal hygiene items such as hair care products and lotions, notes Healthline.

Maltodextrin is sometimes recommended for individuals with diabetes, according to Healthline. Resistant maltodextrin, created by treating starch with enzymes, acid or heat, metabolizes in the same manner as an isolated fiber and can help lower blood sugar levels. Nonetheless, individuals with diabetes or other conditions that necessitate close monitoring of blood sugar levels should be careful when consuming products that include maltodextrin.

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