What Foods Should MS Patients Avoid?


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People with multiple sclerosis should avoid foods with caffeine, aspartame and alcohol, according to Healthline. Foods and drinks containing these ingredients may irritate a person's bladder, especially if her MS symptoms are bladder-related.

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People with MS should also avoid foods that contain refined sugars, states Healthline. While as of 2015, there has not been a proven link between sugary foods and MS flare-ups, eating a balanced diet that includes less refined sugar is good for overall health and for keeping the patient's weight down. This is an especially important factor to control for people with MS, as being overweight could increase occurrences of MS-related fatigue and also cause further mobility loss in MS patients.

Patients should also avoid foods high in saturated fats, states Healthline. While studies that found a link between saturated fats and MS are currently being reevaluated, much like controlling one's sugar intake, controlling one's fat intake helps improve overall health and keep weight down.

Finally, patients should opt for reduced fat or skim milk when making decisions about dairy products, according to Healthline. While research into the relationship between dairy and MS flare-ups is still ongoing, following a diet similar to the ones recommended to cancer and heart patients can provide a number of health benefits that keep the occurrence of MS symptoms from rising higher than they normally would.

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