What Foods Should Be Included in an Ulcerative Colitis Diet Menu?

What Foods Should Be Included in an Ulcerative Colitis Diet Menu?

An ulcerative colitis diet menu should include refined white bread, crackers, dry cereals and pasta with less than 1/2 gram of fiber per serving, according to Healthline. Fruit juice with no pulp, oils, smooth peanut butter and most dressings are also acceptable.

Ulcerative colitis patients should eat cooked vegetables, including pumpkin, carrots, potatoes, spinach and green beans, explains Healthline. They should also eat raw lettuce, onion, zucchini and cucumber, although they should not eat other types of raw vegetables.

Raw, ripe cantaloupe, plums, bananas, watermelon and peaches are recommended by Healthline. Applesauce and canned fruit are allowed, with the exception of pineapple.

Up to 2 cups of dairy products per day, including pudding, milk, butter, yogurt and cottage cheese, are also recommended, advises Healthline. Cooked, tender and soft red meats, poultry, fish, and eggs are also allowed.

Ulcerative colitis patients should avoid caffeine, spicy foods and alcohol because they worsen symptoms, instructs Mayo Clinic. They should also increase their intake of low-fat foods.

Additional foods to avoid include dried fruit, carbonated drinks, sorbitol-containing products, popcorn and foods that contain sulfur or sulfate, notes WebMD. Reducing fiber intake to between 10 and 15 grams a day may help ulcerative colitis patients use the bathroom less frequently.