What Foods Should Be Included in a Low Cholesterol Diet Plan?


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A low-cholesterol diet includes a variety of low-fat foods, but focuses on increasing fruits and vegetables. It includes more poultry and fish while reducing red meats. When fats are required, it includes choosing vegetable oils over solid fats.

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What Foods Should Be Included in a Low Cholesterol Diet Plan?
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If the person on the-low cholesterol diet chooses to include red meats, he should trim them of all visible fat, and choose cuts rated Choice or Select instead of Prime. These cuts are less expensive because they have less marbling, but with proper preparation, are tender and flavorful.

Oily fish such as salmon and herring are high in Omega-3s, which increase the good cholesterol while decreasing the bad. The best option for fish is preparing the dish without breading.

The portfolio diet encourages substituting soy for meat products, replacing butter and margarine with plant sterol-enriched margarine, adding sticky fiber and eating tree nuts. Even if the person attempting to lower cholesterol is unable to include all of the steps in his portfolio, following one or more of the steps with his normal-cholesterol diet increases the chance of reducing his cholesterol counts. The easiest changes for most people are replacing butter and margarine, and adding tree nuts. They find it more difficult to incorporate soy burger or hot dogs, or to take three daily doses of Metamucil, according to WebMD.

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