What Foods Should Gout Patients Avoid?


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Gout patients should avoid any foods that have high levels of purine, as these foods may lead to gout flare-ups, according to the Arthritis Foundation. Foods that are rich in purine include all types of alcoholic beverages, some seafood and fish, and certain meats such as bacon, veal and liver.

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While it is not practical to eliminate purine completely from the diet, gout patients should strive to consume as little purine as possible, explains the Arthritis Foundation. Gout patients should avoid all types of alcoholic beverages, as they contain high levels of purine. Research shows that gout flare ups are less when the patient consumes purine from plant sources and more when he consumes purine from animal sources, according to WebMD. The patient should avoid trout, mussels, scallops, haddocks and other types of fish that have lots of purine.

Other foods that gout patients should avoid include saturated fats, sugar-sweetened beverages and products with high-fructose corn syrup, explains Mayo Clinic. They should reduce consumption of lean meat and poultry and instead get their protein from low-fat dairy products. They should also reduce the number of calories that they consume everyday, as a low-calorie diet reduces the frequency of gout attacks.

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