What Foods Should Be Eaten After Being Diagnosed With Hemolytic Anemia?


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After patients have been diagnosed with hemolytic anemia, it is important for them to eat a well-balanced diet with foods from all four of the food groups, as noted by Indiana Hemophilia and Thrombsis Center. Patients should also make sure they are getting enough fluids and consume meals in small portions at a time.The use of dietary supplements and vitamins should only be used with a doctor's consent.

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There are numerous causes of hemolytic anemia including genetic defects, infections, being exposed to toxins and blood transfusions with an incorrectly matching blood type, according to National Institutes of Health's MedlinePlus. This condition occurs as the result of the bone marrow's inability to replace the used and destroyed red blood cells.

Symptoms of hemolytic anemia include feeling more weak and tired than usual, grumpiness, headaches and difficulty concentrating. If the condition worsens, patients may experience a bluish color to the white part of their eyes, nails that are brittle, lightheadedness, sore tongue and shortness of breath.

Many treatment options are available for hemolytic anemia, depending on the specific cause of the condition. Some treatment options include supplements of iron and folic acid, blood transfusions and medications to suppress the immune system. Depending on the cause of hemolytic anemia, the condition can go away in a matter of several months to 1 year, as noted by Indiana Hemophilia and Thrombosis Center.

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