What Foods Should You Eat If You Have Ulcerative Colitis?


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Individuals with ulcerative colitis may benefit from drinking plenty of water and eating yogurt with probiotics, turmeric, fish oil and aloe vera gel, according to Mayo Clinic. Fish like salmon, herring, sardines and tuna contain the most fish oil, but individuals can also take fish oil as a supplement.

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Experts recommend that individuals with ulcerative colitis eat between five and six small meals a day rather than two or three larger ones, reports Mayo Clinic. Foods that aggravate the condition and should be consumed in limited quantities include dairy products, high-fat foods and high-fiber foods. Additionally, spicy foods, alcohol and caffeine may worsen the symptoms of ulcerative colitis. Symptoms of the disease include diarrhea, abdominal pain, cramping, rectal pain, rectal bleeding, weight loss, fatigue and fever.

If diet alone cannot control a person's ulcerative colitis, medication may be prescribed, notes Mayo Clinic. Physicians may prescribe either anti-inflammatory drugs like aminosalicylates or immune system suppressors such as azathioprines to treat the condition.

Since stress can worsen symptoms of ulcerative colitis, experts recommend exercise, biofeedback, relaxation and breathing exercises to reduce stress, according to Mayo Clinic. Biofeedback is a technique which uses a feedback machine to assist in reducing muscle tension and slow the heart rate.

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