What Foods Should You Eat During Cancer Treatment?

Foods to eat during cancer treatment include fruits and vegetables, lean meats, whole grains, beans and pure juices, according to WebMD. It's also important to drink plenty of water and limit sugary foods.

Food safety is also a concern when undergoing cancer treatment. Because cancer weakens the immune system, it's easier for those afflicted to get sick from foods that are contaminated. Avoiding food that has been compromised, such as eggs that have been sitting out or meat that is not properly cooked, is essential. Vegetables should be washed thoroughly prior to consumption, and a fresh cutting board should be used for each type of meat when prepping food, according to WebMD.

Certain foods help to curb the side effects of cancer treatment, according to WebMD. Beans, fruit and veggies can keep constipation at bay, while diarrhea can be helped by eating bland foods, including bananas and rice. Liquefying foods can make them easier to ingest and reduce dry mouth, and upset stomachs may be helped by avoiding greasy and fragrant foods.

It's important for cancer patients to eat small meals throughout the day and drink enough water regardless of appetite or bouts of nausea, advises WebMD. This ensures that proper nutrition is maintained.