What Foods Should You Eat to Dissolve Kidney Stones?


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No specific foods are known to dissolve kidney stones, but consuming 4 ounces of lemon juice daily can be used to eliminate uric acid stones, says Columbia University Medical Center. A reduction in red meat and salt and an increase in fiber may prevent future kidney stones.

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Kidney stones are caused by several different factors, and their composition varies; treatment and prevention is based on a diagnosis of the underlying conditions and the type of stones that form, notes Columbia University Medical Center. Stones that form due to high acidity can be partially or completely dissolved by dietary changes and medications that raise alkalinity levels in the urine. In some cases, calcium or magnesium supplements may halt the formation of new stones. Prescription medications that decrease calcium excretion or uric acid production are sometimes used to treat patients with recurrent kidney stones. Drinking at least 64 ounces of water daily is recommended for anyone who has had a stone.

In situations where kidney stones cannot be eliminated with medication and holistic dietary therapies, options include tunnel surgery, open surgery, shockwave treatment and a device called a ureteroscope, according to The Urology Team, P.A. Surgery is sometimes used for large stones and involves a hospital stay and a minimum two-week recovery time. A machine called a lithotriptor uses shock waves to break up stones in the bladder, ureter or kidney, notes MedlinePlus. Ureteroscopes are fiber optic instruments that are passed through the urethra to fragment stones or remove them.

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