What Foods Should You Eat or Avoid If You Have Bladder Problems?


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While experiencing bladder problems, or for those who struggle with an overactive bladder, it is best to avoid foods and drinks with high acidity levels, intense spice and high alcohol content. These include citrus foods, caffeinated beverages and artificial sweeteners, according to WebMD.

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Foods containing high acidity levels such as coffee, citrus fruits and tomatoes easily irritate the bladder when ingested, according to Health.com. Meals that are extra spicy may also irritate the bladder. In addition, caffeine and alcohol dehydrate the body, which makes it difficult for the bladder to heal. All of these types of food should be avoided when there are problems with the bladder. While the body needs water to stay hydrated, too much can aggravate an overactive bladder, and too little water concentrates the urine, adding to bladder problems.

Drinking plenty of water is important when facing a bladder issue, states WebMD. Health providers recommend spreading out six to eight glasses of water throughout the day in order to stay hydrated. Other liquids that can help are cranberry juice and other juices that are high in antioxidants. In addition to water, the body obtains fluids through the intake of other foods that are not high in caffeine or acidity levels, such as juice blends and soups.

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