What Foods Should You Eat After You Pass a Kidney Stone?


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After passing a kidney stone, an individual should eat more vegetables and fruits, low-fat products and whole grains, recommends the National Kidney Foundation. He should also scale down the intake of sweetened foods and alcohol, which raises uric acid levels in blood, helps reduce the incidence of kidney stones. Individuals can reduce the acidity of urine and the risk of kidney stone formation by consuming less animal-based protein.

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Dietary management may vary based on the type of kidney stone an individual passes because there are four types of kidney stones: calcium oxalate stones, uric acid stones, struvite stones and cystine stones, explains MedlinePlus. Patients should reduce the intake of foods with a high concentration of oxalate such as beets, sweet potatoes and canned fruit salad to reduce the risk of calcium stones. Eating lemons or oranges, which are rich in citrates, can provide stone-preventing benefits. Getting sufficient calcium from food also helps avert the risk of calcium stones.

Staying hydrated keeps an individual’s urine diluted and minimizes the risk of kidney stone formation, states the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases. Individuals should limit the intake of coffee because it has a diuretic effect on the body, which causes loss of body fluids. Lowering sodium intake keeps the kidneys from excreting calcium into urine.

To reduce the risk of uric acid stones, a person should reduce his intake of red meat and organ meats because they have high concentrations of purines, a chemical compound known to increase the production of uric acid and the kidneys’ acid load, explains the National Kidney Foundation.

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