Which Foods Should Diabetics Avoid Eating?


Foods that a diabetic should avoid include white rice, white flour, sugary cereal, french fries and white bread, according to WebMD. Instead, a diabetic should eat brown rice, whole-grain flour and cereal, baked sweet potatoes, corn tortillas, and air-popped popcorn.

When it comes to vegetables, diabetics should avoid canned vegetables with added sodium, vegetables cooked with a lot of cheese or butter, and pickles and sauerkraut if high blood pressure is an issue, explains WebMD. Better choices include fresh vegetables, plain frozen vegetables or canned vegetables that do not contain a lot of sodium. Greens, lettuce, spinach, arugula and kale are also good choices.

Fruits are good choices for diabetics, but canned fruit, fruit rolls, regular jam and jelly, sugary juice and sweet applesauce are not good choices, claims WebMD. Better fruit choices for a diabetic include plain frozen fruit, fresh fruit, sugar-free jam or jelly, natural applesauce, and 100 percent fruit juice. Protein is also important in a diabetic diet, but diabetics should not eat fried meat, pork bacon, regular cheese, poultry with the skin or beans prepared with lard. Better choices are baked meats, turkey bacon, low-fat cheese, skinless meat and tofu. Eggs, beans and nuts are also good meal choices for diabetics.