Which Foods Should Diabetic Patients Avoid?


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Diabetics should avoid highly processed grains, foods with added sugar or sodium, and foods cooked in butter, cheese and sauces, according to WebMD. Fried foods and foods containing lard or hydrogenated vegetable shortening are poor choices for a diabetic.

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Diabetics can replace processed grains, such as white rice, sugary cereals, French fries and foods containing white flour, with healthier whole-grain alternatives, reports WebMD. Whole-grain products include brown rice, whole-grain breads and cereals, whole-wheat flour and products made from corn.

Canned vegetables, pickles and sauerkraut tend to have high amounts of added sodium and may require monitoring for some individuals, explains WebMD. Vegetables are best when steamed, raw, roasted or grilled. Baked white or sweet potatoes are a healthier choice than fried. Fresh fruits and fruit products that have no added sugar, such as sugar-free preserves, jellies, applesauce and pure fruit juices, are better choices for diabetics than their counterparts with added sugar, syrups and other sweeteners.

Meat, ribs, bacon, cheese and poultry with skin are heavy in fat, and diabetic individuals should replace them with lean cuts of meat, fish, skinless poultry, tofu and low-fat cheese, advises WebMD. Beans, nuts and eggs are also healthy protein choices for diabetics. Recommended cooking methods include baking, broiling, grilling and stewing. Additionally, those with diabetes should replace whole-milk dairy products with low- or fat-free milk, yogurt and cream.

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