What Foods Should Be Avoided While Treating a Stomach Ulcer?


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A person with a stomach ulcer should avoid food irritants, including seasonings, spicy foods, chocolate, high-fat products, and beverages with caffeine or alcohol content, says Drugs.com. Dairy products, onions, garlic and tomato products should also be avoided.

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What Foods Should Be Avoided While Treating a Stomach Ulcer?
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Doctors advise individuals with ulcers to maintain a diet that does not increase stomach acid to control the occurrence of stomach pain, heartburn, indigestion and other symptoms, according to Drugs.com. Different foods affect people in varying ways, so it is essential for an individual with an ulcer to find out which foods trigger symptoms.

Whole milk, chocolate milk, hot cocoa, cola and peppermint are some foods known to cause ulcer symptoms, states Drugs.com. Orange and grapefruit juices are also not suggested for people with ulcer. Other trigger foods include black and red pepper, chili powder, cheeses with strong flavors, and fatty meats, such as bacon, ham and sausage.

Anyone suffering an ulcer should choose a varied, balanced meal plan with plenty of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and foods low in fat, notes Drugs.com. Lean meats, fish, poultry and eggs are healthy sources of essential nutrients. There should be no added sugar or salt to meals. Dietitians recommend eating small portions frequently instead of consuming heavy meals. It also helps to avoid eating any food two hours before sleeping.

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