What Foods Should Be Avoided When You Have High Triglycerides?


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People with high triglycerides should avoid starchy foods, alcohol, canned fish in oil and coconut, advises WebMD. Other foods to avoid include pasta, sugary drinks and meats that are high in fat.

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A person with high triglycerides should avoid starchy food, such as peas, corn, pasta and potatoes, as the body turns starch into triglycerides, according to WebMD. Some foods, such as fruits, are part of a healthy diet but are best limited when a person has high triglycerides. Doctors recommend that these individuals limit fruit intake to only two or three pieces each day. When eating dried fruit, the serving sizes are much smaller than those for fresh fruit.

Those with high triglycerides need to avoid honey and maple syrup and cut down on overall sugar consumption, states WebMD. It is also important for individuals with high triglycerides to avoid baked goods as most of them contain a lot of saturated fat and sugar. Margarine and butter contain high levels of saturated fat, so people with high triglycerides need to avoid those as well. Olive oil, flax seed oil and canola oil are all good replacements.

Too much alcohol increases triglyceride levels due to the sugars it contains, notes WebMD. Those with high triglyceride levels need to avoid or limit consumption of wine, beer and liquor.

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