Which Foods Should Be Avoided on a Blood Type O Diet?

Foods to be avoided on a blood type O diet include certain beverages; dairy products; pork and related products; and eggs, according to Michelle Kerns for The Nest. Type O blood individuals should avoid consuming certain fruits and vegetables; beans, including kidney, red and navy beans; nuts; and seeds, which include poppy seeds.

Blood type O individuals should avoid consuming caffeinated drinks, including coffee, as well as alcoholic drinks, including wines, spirits and beer, states Kerns. These individuals should exclude bacon, ham and goose from their diet. Other foods restricted on a blood type O diet include herring and catfish. Grains to exclude on a blood type O diet include oats, wheat, semolina and bulgur.

Avocados, melons, blackberries, strawberries and oranges should not be part of a blood type O diet, warns Kerns. People with this blood type should avoid eating cabbages, sprouts, corn, mushrooms and eggplant. They can have tomatoes, bananas, squash, grapes and apples on occasion. Nuts to avoid include Brazil nuts, pistachios, cashews and peanuts. Type O people can consume pine nuts, garbanzo, pecans and almonds occasionally.

Peanut oil, corn oil and safflower oil are not good for type O individuals, explains Kerns. Using sesame and canola oil occasionally is not risky. People who have type O blood should avoid using seasonings, including cinnamon, ketchup, vanilla, pepper and nutmeg, in their meals.