What Foods Should Be Avoided When on a Bland Diet?


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Foods to avoid when on a bland diet include those that are spicy, raw, fried, sugary or that cause gas, according to MedlinePlus. A bland diet should consist of low-fiber, soft and non-spicy foods.

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What Foods Should Be Avoided When on a Bland Diet?
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An individual on a bland diet should additionally avoid whole-grain food products, dried fruit, high-fat dairy products, strong cheeses and other strong-tasting foods, explains MedlinePlus. He should also avoid cured or smoked meats, seeds and nuts. An individual on a bland diet should not drink beverages containing caffeine or alcohol or take medicines containing ibuprofen or aspirin.

It is important for an individual to remain on a bland diet until the doctor or nurse approves the addition of foods that are not bland, according to MedlinePlus. An individual eating a bland diet may also contribute to improved health by not smoking, slowly and thoroughly chewing food, eating smaller and more frequent meals, slowly drinking fluids, and not eating within two hours before going to bed.

Individuals who have recently had intestinal or stomach surgery may need to eat a bland diet, explains MedlinePlus. Other individuals who may benefit from a bland diet include those who have diarrhea, heartburn, an ulcer, gas or an upset digestive system. A nutritionist or dietitian can help an individual determine a helpful bland diet.

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