What Foods Should Be Avoided With Arthritis?


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Those with arthritis must regulate consumption of red meat, sugar, refined flour, gluten, fried foods, processed foods and alcohol, according to Everyday Health. Avoiding these foods does not cure arthritis, but it reduces inflammation in some cases and is useful for managing weight.

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What Foods Should Be Avoided With Arthritis?
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The saturated fat and omega-6 fatty acids in red meat sometimes contribute to inflammation in those with arthritis. Consuming lean cuts of meat is somewhat safer while simultaneously providing needed protein, says Everyday Health.

It is important for people with arthritis to pay attention to food labels in order to reduce the intake of trigger foods, reports Everyday Health. Processed foods present a risk of inflammation due to the higher-than-average amount of refined flour, sugar and saturated fats that they often contain. Consumption of sugar and refined flour causes the body to produce inflammatory chemicals known as cytokines that sometimes cause joint inflammation. Gluten also contributes to inflammation, and those with autoimmune disorders are more likely to suffer from inflammation after consuming it.

Everyday Health also notes that avoiding fried foods reduces the risk of inflammation and obesity. Alcohol consumed in moderation potentially decreases the progression of arthritis, but heavier drinking increases the body's C-reactive protein and causes inflammation.

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