Which Foods Should Be Avoided in an Acid Ash Diet?


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Alkaline-promoting foods such as vegetables and fruits should not be avoided in an acid ash diet, but consumed in moderation, claims DrGangemi.com. Individuals partaking of an acid ash diet should consume more starches and proteins but continue to consume a sufficient amount of alkaline-promoting foods instead of avoiding them altogether.

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The acid ash diet is the opposite of the alkaline ash diet, states DrGangemi.com. The acid ash diet is beneficial for individuals who consistently feel sluggish, tired and depressed. Starches and proteins are the main parts of the acid ash diet. Examples of starches are whole grains like whole wheat, rye and barley. For gluten-free alternatives, starchy foods such as potatoes, rice and corn are also options. The primary meat and protein sources in acid ash diets should consist of fish, meat, shellfish, eggs and cheeses. However, individuals should still consume alkaline-containing foods as neither diet is healthy when taken to the extreme. Eating alkaline foods is healthy and necessary for proper nutrition, but too much can lead to an imbalance in the body and symptoms of sluggishness.

The alkaline ash consists of fruits, vegetables and a lot of water, claims WebMD. Dairy, eggs, meat, grains and most processed foods are off limits. The basis of the alkaline diet is to regulate body pH levels at healthy levels. However, experts believe that certain diets do not affect pH levels since the body maintains pH levels regardless. The effectiveness of the alkaline diet is due to the fact that alkaline-promoting foods like fruits and vegetables are very healthy and nutritious.

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