What Foods Should You Avoid to Prevent Gallstones?


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To prevent gallstones, avoid foods high in fat, such as fatty cuts of beef and other fatty animal proteins. Instead, choose a diet low in fat and high in fiber to avoid the development of gallstones, recommends WebMD.

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What Foods Should You Avoid to Prevent Gallstones?
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When it comes to fat, it is important to take in some, as not getting enough fat can also cause gallstones to form, notes WebMD. However, much of the fat a person consumes should also contain lecithin, which keeps cholesterol in a liquid form while in the gallbladder instead of becoming solid. Lecithin abounds in such foods as soybeans, peanuts, eggs and milk, all of which are also sources of protein and fat. Most people get enough lecithin in their diet, so eating these protein sources helps to fight gallstones.

Adding raw produce to the diet contributes fiber that has a number of benefits, including keeping bile cholesterol in liquid form so it cannot crystallize into a gallstone, according to WebMD. Changing from other cooking oils to olive oil can also reduce the chance of gallstone development. Olive oil has an ingredient that reduces levels of cholesterol in the gallbladder and the larger bloodstream. When people consume lots of olive oil, there are fewer incidents of gallstones.

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