What Foods Should You Avoid to Prevent Acid Reflux ?


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To avoid the symptoms of acid reflux, one should cut foods that are heartburn triggers from his diet. Types of foods that should be avoided include highly acidic, fatty or spicy foods, according to WebMD.

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When experiencing heartburn or acid reflux, cutting acidic citrus fruits from a diet decreases symptoms. Oranges and grapefruits are classic heartburn causing foods, explains WebMD. Eating these fruits causes symptoms of acid reflux, especially if they are eaten on an empty stomach. The acid in tomatoes can cause heartburn, so cutting tomato products, including tomato sauce, helps avoid symptoms.

Foods that are high in fat can also cause symptoms of acid reflux and heartburn. Because fat slows down digestion, the pressure on the esophageal sphincter increases after consuming fatty foods, making heartburn more likely to occur, states WebMD. If an individual plans to eat fatty foods, such as cheese, nuts or steak, he should eat them at the beginning of a meal and consume them in moderation to decrease acid reflux symptoms.

Other foods and drinks that can help avoid acid reflux include peppermint, alcohol, caffeine, chocolate, fried food and carbonated beverages, according to WebMD. However, trigger foods are specific to individual patients, so if something causes an individual to experience acid reflux symptoms, he should note that food and avoid consuming it in the future.

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