What Foods Should You Avoid to Help Lower Triglyceride Levels?


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To lower triglyceride levels, one should avoid foods rich in cholesterol, saturated fats, trans fat and calories, claims SF Gate. Other foods that should be avoided are simple carbohydrates and alcohol.

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What Foods Should You Avoid to Help Lower Triglyceride Levels?
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Triglycerides are stored fat consisting of fat and sugar molecules bound together. They are associated with high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, which is beneficial to the body. Any food that lowers high-density lipoprotein raises triglycerides. A patient with a high triglyceride level should therefore avoid cholesterol and saturated fat, since they raise triglyceride levels, advises SF Gate. Such foods include poultry skin, lard, fatty red meat, butter, shellfish and high-fat dairy products.

Although small amounts of trans fat are found in animal fat and dairy products, large amounts of it are manufactured through the hydrogenation process, notes SF Gate. The foods that contain trans fat include shortening, hot dogs, lunch meat, margarine and snacks, such as chips, french fries and crackers. Desserts such as pies, cookies, cakes and doughnuts also contain trans fat.

Limiting the intake of calories reduces weight, thus lowering the triglyceride level, reports SF Gate. For a weekly loss of 1 pound, one should target a daily reduction of 500 calories in his diet. Regular exercise also burns calories, which eventually reduces triglycerides.

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