What Foods Should You Avoid If You Have High Uric Acid?


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Individuals who have high uric acid levels in their blood should avoid foods that have high purine content, according to WebMD. These include organ meats, beer, gravy and game meats. These individuals should also stay away from alcoholic beverages, states Mayo Clinic.

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Purine in certain foods is broken down into uric acid and can increase the levels of uric acid in blood, according to WebMD. However, staying away from purine foods completely is not practical, explains the Arthritis Foundation. Doctors advise patients to eliminate foods that have high purine content and reduce their intake of foods that have moderate purine content.

Certain types of seafood and shellfish have high levels of purine, and patients should avoid them, reports the Arthritis Foundation. These include anchovies, scallops, sardines, haddock and trout. Patients should also avoid meats such as veal, venison, bacon and turkey. Glandular and organ meats such as kidney and liver may increase uric levels in blood, reports Mayo Clinic. Alcohol metabolism may increase the production of uric acid.

Foods that have moderate levels of purine include beef, duck, chicken and pork, according to the Arthritis Foundation. Seafood that has moderate purine levels includes crabs and lobsters. Patients can limit their intake of these foods to keep their uric acid levels in check.

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