What Foods Should You Avoid If You Have Had a Gall Bladder Operation?


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Some of the foods to avoid after a gallbladder surgery are fatty foods, especially fried foods; high-fat meats; high-fat dairy products; and pizza, says Everyday Health. Other foods to avoid include creamy soups and sauces, meat gravies, chocolates, meat skins, and palm oil, coconut oil and other oils.

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What Foods Should You Avoid If You Have Had a Gall Bladder Operation?
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Individuals who undergo a gallbladder removal surgery need to adjust their daily eating plan according to their doctor’s instructions, as their bodies may find it hard to digest fatty and fiber-rich foods, explains Everyday Health. While people can live without the gallbladder, removing the organ usually affects digestion during the weeks after surgery. The gallbladder produces a liquid called bile, which helps process fatty foods. Without it, the liver continues to create bile for normal digestion at a slow rate.

Everyday Health suggests avoiding bacon, ground beef, bologna, sausage and other high-fat meats. Ice cream, cheese, whole milk and spicy foods are also tough to digest for gallbladder surgery patients. Some individuals may feel uncomfortable when eating high-fiber and gas-inducing foods, especially cereals, whole-grain breads, seeds and nuts.

Everyday Health recommends eating plenty of clear liquid foods, such as gelatin and broth, in the first several weeks. Anyone who does not feel nauseated and experiences a better overall health condition can start consuming solid foods gradually within a month post-surgery.

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