What Foods Should You Avoid If You Have Colitis?


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While colitis triggers may differ from one patient to another, common foods that colitis patients should avoid include alcohol, caffeinated products, carbonated drinks and foods that have sulfate or sulfur, according to WebMD. Colitis patients should also avoid spicy foods, dried legumes and refined sugar.

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It is important for patients to keep a food diary to determine the exact foods that trigger their colitis, explains MedicineNet. Tweaking the preparation methods of certain foods, for example steaming vegetables, can reduce their effect on colitis, according to WebMD. Patients can also switch to a low-fat dairy diet to get necessary nutrients without triggering colitis symptoms.

Colitis patients should avoid foods high in fiber, as these foods are difficult to digest, reports Healthline. They should avoid whole wheat, brown rice, oats and quinoa. Some patients follow a low-fiber diet to reduce the frequency of their bowel movements.

Ulcerative colitis patients should not eat dried legumes, such as beans and lentils, explains Healthline.They should also avoid dried fruits and fruits that have lots of fiber, such as berries.

Colitis patients should also avoid vegetables that are raw or undercooked, according to Healthline. Other foods to avoid include popcorn, coconuts and crunchy nut butters, notes WebMD.

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