What Foods Should You Avoid?


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Avoid foods high in trans or saturated fats that may harden or age arteries, increase cholesterol levels and contribute to heart disease. Additionally, avoid foods that contain refined sugars and syrups, according to Cleveland Clinic.

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What Foods Should You Avoid?
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Foods such as chips, crackers and cookies contain trans fatty acids and should be avoided because trans fats alter the body's metabolic processes and age the cardiovascular system. Food labels may not actually list trans fat in the ingredient list, but foods with partially hydrogenated vegetable oils theless may contain trans fats. Unlike trans fats, saturated fats occur naturally, but theless produce a buildup of fatty tissue in the inner linings of the arteries. Full-fat dairy products, red meats and palm and coconut oils all contain saturated fat and should be avoided, states Cleveland Clinic.

Refined, or simple, sugars do not occur naturally in foods but are added to sweeten foods such as concentrated fruit juices and expeller pressed organic rice extracts. Refined sugars may decrease the functionality of proteins within the body, age the immune system and contribute to arthritis. Similarly, foods that contain syrups such as high fructose corn syrup are artificially made and increase the likelihood of obesity and metabolic syndromes such as high blood pressure, elevated insulin levels and abnormal cholesterol, explains Cleveland Clinic.

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