What Foods Should You Avoid When on the Atkins Diet?

When on the Atkins diet, avoid food high in sugars and carbohydrates. In the beginning of the diet plan, foods such as nuts and seeds are off limits. Some of these can be added to the diet in later stages.

When starting on the Atkins Diet, don't eat foods high in sugars, especially those with refined sugars. Avoid bread, cakes, pastries and anything else made with flour. Grains and pasta must also be avoided.

Processed foods, as a general rule, are not permissible. Most processed foods have added sugar, making them forbidden, especially in the first phase of the diet. Even natural foods with added sugars can't be eaten.

Forgo starchy vegetables such as potatoes, corn and beets. Don't eat seeds, nuts and legumes. However, beans, either dried or canned, are not prohibited in the first stage. After the induction period, more seeds, nuts and vegetables can be added back to the diet.

Dairy products are also not allowed. The exception to this rule is cream and cheese in small quantities. Be sure to check for sugars that may have been added during processing.

Because of their high sugar content, fruits and fruit juices are not to be consumed, even 100-percent fruit juices. Other beverages not allowed in the Atkins diet are caffeinated products and alcohol.