Which Foods Should You Avoid If You Have Arthritis?


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People with arthritis should avoid eating candy, soda, dairy products, salty foods, corn oil and foods that are fried or cooked at high temperatures, according to Healthline. They should also avoid drinking alcohol and using tobacco products.

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Certain foods can cause inflammation and contribute to joint pain, asserts Healthline. Instead, eating a healthy diet rich in vegetables, fruits, whole grains and lean protein can help reduce symptoms of arthritis, states the Arthritis Foundation. People with arthritis should try to maintain a diet with at least 75 percent vegetables and fruits. Low-fat dairy products can be a valuable way to get calcium, but people with arthritis who have an adverse reaction to eating dairy can try substituting dairy products with protein-rich vegetables, legumes and nut butters.

Arthritis patients can choose from a wide variety of diets, including the Mediterranean diet and gluten-free diets, which aim to reduce inflammation while maintaining a balanced choice of foods, notes WebMD. People with arthritis can also take dietary supplements, such as vitamin D, fish oil and folic acid, to increase the uptake of nutrients from the foods that they eat. Although a healthy diet is not a guarantee for preventing arthritis symptoms, studies have shown that having a healthy weight is beneficial for controlling osteoarthritis, states the Arthritis Foundation.

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