What Foods Should an Acidic Person Avoid?

Foods an acidic person should avoid include high-fat meals and fried foods, such as French fries, fried onion rings, ice creams and chocolate; in addition to potato chips, heavily spiced meats and high-fat red meat. Spicy foods should also be avoided.

Foods containing chili spice can cause abdominal pain and heartburnin functional gastrointestinal disorders. Heartburn is one of the main symptomsassociated with acidity.

Fruits and vegetables, such as oranges, lemons, limes and pineapple; in addition to garlic, onions, tomatoes and tomato-based foods increase acidity, as well as exacerbate the symptoms associated with acidity. Studies have shown that raw onions increase the number of acidic episodes in people who suffer from acidity.

Creamy and oil and vinegar salad dressings should also be avoided, as they raise the stomach’s PH level. Dairy products, such as whole milk, sour cream, cheeses and ice cream, are acid foods that should also be avoided.

Beverages, such as alcohol, citrus juices, tomato juices, carbonated beverages, coffee and tea can be problematic to persons suffering from acidity. So will certain medications and supplements such as nitrates, calcium channel blockers, antibiotics, iron and potassium supplements, and pain relievers, such as aspirin.

In certain cases, acidity may occur depending on a person’s body position after eating; the amount of food a person eats during a single meal; and the type of food.