What Are Some Foods Without Salt?


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Fresh apricots, cherries, peaches, plums and oranges have no salt or sodium. Dry pasta and matzo farfel are also salt-free. Other good salt-free snacks include unsalted almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts, pecans and rice crackers.

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What Are Some Foods Without Salt?
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While most fruits and vegetables have minuscule amounts of salt or sodium, fresh produce is still an excellent choice for low-salt diets. Most dried fruits and frozen fruits and vegetables are also good options. However, canned and pickled vegetables often have high levels of salt or sodium, unless the label specifies "low-sodium." Salt-conscious consumers also need to beware of sauces, vegetable juices and commercially prepared tomato sauce and salsa.

Whole grain and rice products prepared without added salt are naturally low in sodium, but quick breads and products made with self-rising flour are not. Corn and flour tortillas are low-salt, along with unsalted popcorn, chips and pretzels. Dry peas and beans are also low in salt.

Fresh or frozen meats, poultry and fish are good protein sources with low salt levels, as are eggs and egg whites, milk, yogurt, ice cream and ice milk. Cottage cheese, processed cheeses and cheese sauces are usually high in salt or sodium, but cream cheese, ricotta and mozzarella can work in a low-salt diet. Foods to avoid include cured, salted, smoked or canned meats, sardines and anchovies, caviar, and most highly processed foods.

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